Aquatic Analysts Services

Aquatic Analysts analyzes freshwater algae samples, including phytoplankton and periphyton. Each sample analysis includes identification of algae to species level (for most algae), and measurements of their abundance and biovolumes.

Toxic Algae Service

All sample analyses include toxic algae densities in cells per mL, as well as in natural units per mL. These densities in cells per mL satisfy the requirements for toxic algae standards and guidelines.

I offer a “Toxic Algae Only” service at a reduced cost to economically meet your harmful algae bloom monitoring requirements.

Turnaround Times

My services include 3 turnaround times. My standard turnaround time is from 1 to 4 months, depending on the number of samples received. I also offer a Rush service with a turnaround time of 24-48 hours, and a Fast service providing results to you within 2 weeks.

Data Analyses

I will gladly provide you with some preliminary data analyses, at no additional cost. These include a Summary file, which provides sample identification information, total algae density and total biovolume, and the five most dominant algae species listed with their relative abundances. Each sample is listed in one row for conciseness. I will also provide a Database file, which provides more detailed information. In the Database file, each species in each sample is listed, and includes its density and biovolume, number counted, taxonomic group, trophic state index, and total sample densities and biovolumes. Many of my clients have found these data analyses to be useful.

Sample Bottles

I will be glad to provide you with algae sample bottles that contain Lugol’s iodine preservative, at no extra cost.   I use smaller 125 mL bottles, which have advantages for you in field sampling and shipping.

Special Requirements

I always do my best to meet any additional or special needs you may have. Personal service is a high priority for me.