Services and Price List

Effective January 1, 2020

Freshwater Algae Analyses

Phytoplankton:  $160/sample
Periphyton:  $205/sample
Toxic Algae Only:  $85/sample

Additional charges (per sample)

Rush Service (24-48 hrs):  $90
Fast Service (14 days):  $45
Heterocyst + Akinete Counts:  $50

Standard analyses include identification to species level (for most algae), enumeration, and biovolume estimates of all algae encountered within a minimum of 100 natural units. It also includes cells/mL of all toxic algae species in the sample. Data reports are available upon request at no extra charge (Summary, Database, Combined Species Lists).

“Toxic Algae Only” analyses include natural units/mL and cells/mL of all toxic algae in the sample.

Standard turn-around time is one to four months (varies with number of samples received). Fast turn-around time is 14 days. We strive to provide results within 24-48 hours when Rush service is requested, but may be a few days later during peak service periods.

We will be glad to provide you with sample bottles at no extra cost.


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